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Award for Outstanding Contribution to PA-NOSS

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The award for Outstanding Contribution to PA-NOSS recognizes a significant contribution to the growth and development of the association through service as a committee member, chairperson, state officer, or coordinator of a major PA-NOSS activity. Nominees must meet the following criteria.
Additional Requirements:

  • Member of PA-NOSS (or PADE) for at least five consecutive years; and
  • Service as member of the board for at least one full term; and
  • Active membership in a board sponsored committee or coordinator of a regional or annual conference; and/or
  • Effective service as an executive officer for at least one full term.
  • Letter of endorsement from a current or former PA-NOSS (or PADE) officer- limit one page
  • Additional materials- (maximum three) that provide evidence of meeting the criteria stated above