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NOSS Webinars: Professional Development

Posted in 2019, News, and Resource

NOSS is collaborating with other organizations to provide professional development opportunities.  Please see the list below.  Any of these sessions can be paid for in advance.  Click the link provided for more information.  Each webinar costs $50 for NADE/NOSS members and $75 for non-members.


Free webinar:

Free Webinar: “Implementation of the Common Vision through the Eyes of the Teaching Practitioner”

19 Aug 2020 at 2pm Eastern

“Implementation of the Common Vision through the Eyes of the Teaching Practitioner”

Presenters: Julie Phelps, Denise Lujan, Annette Cook and Nancy Sattler

“The status quo is unacceptable.”  This is the running theme of “A Common Vision for Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences Programs in 2025.”  A joint effort of five national mathematical organizations, this document is focused on modernizing undergraduate programs in the mathematical sciences.   After a brief history of the National Math Summit and overview of the Common Vision project, this webinar will focus on two of the five recommendations of the Common Vision:  the scale up the use of evidence-based pedagogical methods, and finding ways to remove barriers facing students at critical transition points (e.g., placement, transfer).  We will explore the responsibilities of institutions, departments, faculty and students that allow the mathematics practitioners to collectively change the ‘status quo’ unacceptable practices.