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O. Pauline Chow Memorial Mathematics Scholarship Award

At the April 20, 2023 PA-NOSS Annual Conference, the memory and legacy of Pauline Chow was honored through a special presentation and scholarship awards. Two $500 awards acknowledged the academic achievement of Luisa Martinez (King’s College) and Alec Kuhn (RACC). The PA-NOSS awards presentation and special presentation honoring O. Pauline Chow are available at

Pauline Chow taught mathematics for 32 years at Harrisburg Area Community College. Her love of her students and dedication to their success was always her first priority. In addition, she participated in numerous student success initiatives, co-wrote three textbooks and created many college courses through iTunes U. She participated on the board of PA-NOSS, was president of the Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics and Pennsylvania State Math Association of Two-Year Colleges. She was especially proud to be the recipient of the 2015 AMATYC Teaching Excellence Award. Pauline was loyal to her family, friends and colleagues. Her humor and funny stories were legendary.

In Professor Chow’s words, “The greatest joy in this profession is to be able to work with students, empowering them to take ownership of their path, and helping them see their own accomplishments. At the Developmental Math level, I especially take pride in changing my students’ outlook on mathematics.”

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