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PADE Awards

For more information about the PADE awards, please contact Linda Currie via email at or phone/fax at 215-670-9360. PADE awards are for PADE members, except student, alumni and others as designated to recognize contributions by champions of developmental education (such as by public servants).

All nomination materials should be mailed/emailed to:
Linda Currie
1420 Pine Street
Philadelphia, PA  19102

DEADLINE: 2020 deadline will be early February 2020

All awards require:

  • Award Nomination Cover Page
  • Letter of nomination summarizing the nominee’s criteria (or program’s strengths and achievements) to meet the award: limit two pages
  • Resume or professional summary of the nominee
  • Additional materials as described for the specific award or scholarship
This $500 award is to honor the academic achievement of a student in a Developmental Education program/Curriculum.  The awardee will ...
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This award is designed to honor an educator who has demonstrated a track record of effective teaching with developmental education ...
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This award honors a former participant in a developmental program/curriculum who is a leader in her/his profession and/or has a ...
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The award for Outstanding Contribution to PADE recognizes a significant contribution to the growth and development of the association through ...
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This award recognizes a developmental program/curriculum which exemplifies the best of current practice in the field of developmental education. Additional ...
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This award recognizes the individual or individuals who have authored a scholarly published article, book, periodical, or monograph in the ...
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This award recognizes a developmental educator whose work reflects commitment to the needs of developmental students that exemplifies best practices ...
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This award recognizes a college administrator and/or public servant who has a track record of support for developmental education.  Nominees ...
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Professional Development: For more information about the PADE professional development scholarship, please contact Linda Currie via email at or ...
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