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Award for Exemplary Teaching in Developmental Education

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This award is designed to honor an educator who has demonstrated a track record of effective teaching with developmental education students. (Note: Although counseling/advising and professional tutoring are also teaching endeavors in a broad sense, this award is not designed to honor exemplary work in those responsibilities.  The “Outstanding Service to Developmental Education Students” award is an appropriate avenue for recognizing exemplary service in these areas.)

Additional Requirements:

  • Have a minimum of three years of teaching developmental education courses/students, and
  • Provide evidence of successful teaching, such as student or peer classroom evaluations
  • Note: Nomination letter must characterize the nominee’s teaching and show the relationship between the nominees’ teaching philosophy and his/her performance.
  • One-page statement of teaching philosophy
  • Additional materials must include one from each of the following:
    • student evaluations of formal teaching practice
    • classroom observation conducted by a peer or supervisor
    • assessment data that documents evidence of impact on student performance